Michael and Sarah's Great Cross-Country Adventure

This is a blog about our 6-week trip driving across the USA. We set off on March 18, 2008.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

more states in the middle

We drove from Iowa along the Mississippi River to St. Louis. The part in Illinois was kind of dull, but the part in Missouri was really beautiful. All the trees are blooming, and it's all green rolling hills alongside the river. It was another surprise, like Kentucky - I had had no expectations for Missouri at all.

St. Louis was also a surprise. The arch is much prettier in person than in pictures. It really was worth seeing. We went up inside, which is cramped but a nice view.

The other very random thing in St. Louis is called the City Museum. It's not so much a museum as a gigantic piece of interactive installation art. An artist-sculptor-architect took a 10-story factory building and is still in the process of creating the ultimate jungle gym/sculpture/treehouse/everything else. It was Mike's dream, since he always wants to climb on things and crawl through things and normally it's not allowed. But even I found it very cool to explore and walk around (I didn't crawl so much). Even if you just stay on the stairs, it's worth visiting.

We drove from St. Louis to Bloomington, Indiana, where my cousin Allison is just finishing up college. We had a really nice time visiting with her, even though she had a final the next morning (yuck!). Indiana was also surprisingly pretty, and again very Eastern.

That's all for now.

With love from Hopkinton (again),



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