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This is a blog about our 6-week trip driving across the USA. We set off on March 18, 2008.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

charismatic megafauna

What's cool about California is that it's an open-minded, cosmopolitan state with the natural wonders of a back-country. After driving up the coast from LA to San Francisco, I can see how, if you grew up here, you would think all other places are lame. Since I didn't grow up here, I would not agree that the California coast is the most beautiful in the country. I happen to be quite partial to Maine. But the combination of things here is hard to beat.

The highlight for me is definitely the marine wildlife. While I knew of a few places where the seals etc. hang out, the first ones we saw were at the recommendation of a sign on the road. The elephant seals were sleeping all over the beach, and the young ones were swimming near the shore. My New England mind still has trouble grasping the idea that no one feeds these animals in order to get them to put on a show for tourists.

We also saw sea lions (and maybe seals?) in Monterey, hanging out on the support beams under the docks. Little groups of them would show off in the water, but the big lazy ones would just hang out. I think people do feed these guys to get them to put on a show, but at least they're still wild.

We're in a bit of a rush this morning, so I'll leave it at that for now.

With love from San Francisco,



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